Studio Procedures

Studio Policies

At Dance Xtreme Studios we pride ourselves in offering top-notch dance training in a fun and supportive manner.
The following Studio Policies are in place to keep our studio running efficiently throughout the year.  Please keep our studio tidy, and pick up after yourselves (all items you have used, please put away) so that the next day’s dancers have a clean studio to come too. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.



*Students are required to wear studio dress code according to each genre they are participating in. Hair must be tied back securely for each class. No jewelry is to be worn in any classes (stud earrings, keepers are acceptable & medical alert bracelets).

(Please refer to our website for Dress Code. Click on “Shop” Tab and then follow with a click onto “Studio Dress code”).

*No gum or cell phones are allowed in any classes.

*Please do not interrupt classes once in progress.

*Only water inside dance studios (No Vitamin water, G2’s)

*If your child’s dance account is not paid up to date, they will not be able to attend class until payment has been made. Please do not put DX staff in this predicament, as it is unfair to both the staff and the child.

* No videotaping or taking pictures of dancers while in class.




Why Dance Xtreme Follows a Dress Code:

All aspects of the dress code have been chosen with the safety of the dancer in mind. The dress code selected for each genre will allow for the teacher to examine and correct technique and form without the distraction of excess accessories or additional fabric. All outfits are age and activity appropriate. Studio rules regarding hair style are also placed in the dress code to ensure that all dancers have a full range of sight while dancing. Another element that came into play while opting to include a dress code within the studio is teaching young dancers, discipline, self-respect and the respect of sport.

Corresponding Dress Code to be found on our website

(Please refer to our website for Dress Code. Click on “Shop” Tab and then follow with a click onto “Studio Dress code”).



* All prices are located on our “Registration” page online. You will also see that we offer lessons at 2 locations, 1. Napanee 2. Trenton. Select your location and have fun shopping for classes. Each class will give you a description of that genre, price and  payment options.


*”Act of God” -If unforeseen circumstances such as; pandemic, world events, etc…occur during our dance season, this is out of our control and we will have to follow protocols & procedures given by our Government & Public Health. These are circumstances in which we will not be refunding any fees.  We would be happy to provide a credit of some sort, if this is feasible for the business.



*Registration is ONLY available through our website  For the convenience for our clients, you can now register right from the comfort of your own home. Our system will allow you to, view your account/invoices and dance schedules. REMEMBER OUR RECREATIONAL CLASS FEES, INCLUDE YOUR DANCERS YEAR END SHOWCASE COSTUME. When registering you will be prompted to select your choice of e-check or credit card for payment options.

*Please note, all late payments will incur a 10% interest each month without exception. Competitive dancers please state back to your contract on late payments.



*Be sure to label your belongings, as DX will not held responsible for any lost or stolen items. Cubbies are provided in foyers and change rooms for dancers use. Please keep your articles tidy and do not forget to take them home, when your classes are over. We recommend not bringing money or valuables to the studio.*Items will be placed in the lost and found bin at the end of each night. The lost and found items will be taken to Goodwill once the season is finished, so please remember to check periodically for lost items.



*There will be NO refund for missed classes by a dancer or made up classes.

*If an instructor needs to cancel classes, a supply teacher will be provided.  If we are not able to get a supply instructor, then classes will be made up at some point in the season. Fees will not be refunded.



*The studio reserves the right to combine or cancel a class in the event of low attendance.

*The studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather.

*If classes are cancelled due to weather or other unavoidable reasons, there is NO makeup class offered and NO refunds.

*Every effort will be made by DX to inform families of any cancelations, however it is your responsibility to follow our Dance Xtreme Facebook page both exclusive and our open page for updates on cancelations etc…, as well as checking your email throughout the day.  Weather patterns can change rapidly. To be added to our exclusive Facebook page, please email us at either our Napanee location or our Trenton and we will be happy to add you, as the page is exclusive to only members of the studio.



Any declined credit cards or e-check, must be replaced immediately with a new form of payment covering the full amount owing. There will be an administration charge of $5.00 applicable for a declined credit card or e-check.



Each student has the option to participate in our year end showcase. 1 costume per class included in dance fees. If your dancer chooses not to participate, it is your responsibility to inform us by no later than November 1st. Declined participation will result in a $20 credit applied to your dancers account. This credit can only be applied to the following: Year end showcase tickets, DX apparel, summer lessons or summer camps of that season ( if being offered). Credits must be used before next new season stars. We will not transfer any credits to other dancers or following season. The costume and song will be selected by your dancers instructor.

*Parents are required to purchase tickets for the year end show which are in addition to class fees.

*Once costumes have been ordered, costumes cannot be cancelled or returned. Costumes are not custom made, they are sized to fit the average person of that size. For young children still growing we recommend submitting child’s size 1″-2″ more for “growing room”. Remember the bigger the better, as you will have material to work with for alterations, if the costume is too small alterations could be a problem. You know your child best, we do not.

*Many costumes arrive with some alterations or attachments required. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure these alterations or attachments are completed prior to picture day.

*If a costume is ordered incorrectly it is the sole responsibility of you, the parent or guardian to pay for the full cost of replacing the costume in the correct size.

*Any accessories that are required to complete the look of the costume for the showcase will be determined by the artistic director and will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to purchase any new tights, shoes, earrings etc. Our studio dress code tight and shoes are used for the year end showcase, so please take care of your items throughout the season.  We can not allow brands from walmart, etc.. to be used or dirty wear.



Students will be placed in classes that are most appropriate for their age and ability. It is important that students do not advance too rapidly, missing important training along the way. Class instructors and the director will decide proper placement.



We understand the need to bring siblings to the studio, please supervise them so that classes and parents viewing classes are not interrupted or disturbed.



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